Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lassy's Twins

On March 30th SSR Lassy delivered two beautiful, healthy lambs – a black/white ewe and a black ram! These lambs are a first for us but not Lassy. She is a wonderfully attentive and protective mother. Their sire is Cedar Haven Max.

We understand their color can change dramatically in the first two months of life so we’ll wait and see for certain, but the little ewe looks like she’ll be a grey like her Agouti mommy, and the ram is very black. 

We did our best to identify the ewe's markings as krunet since she looks like she’s wearing a hood, plus she has spots too. Let us know if you think this is not correct since we are new to learning the many and varied Shetland patterns! 

How utterly entertaining to watch them spring and bound around! We look forward to the other lambs due to arrive anytime and watching the whole group romp together!

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