Thursday, May 30, 2013

When the Mozzie Bites

Folks, it is the time of year when flying critters of the insect variety start to annoy us. We do our best to live in peace with bees, wasps and yellow jackets (although I have childhood trauma from the later), but mosquitoes, also known as mozzies, are a particular nemesis. One tiny little stab results in a sometimes huge welt that itches like for mad for days.

Prevention is the key. This year I have been experimenting with an essential oil blend from Young Living called “Purification”. We usually use it on the dogs to repel ticks, which it does. So I tried it for repelling mozzies, too. It works! And wiping just a bit on my hair and clothing every other day does the job. Only I forgot yesterday… and today. While out milking this morning sure enough I got zapped. I felt the little blood sucker jab me on the inside of the wrist and blew him off immediately, but just that second was enough for a welt and itching to begin. I seem to be pretty sensitive to them. My first mozzie bite of the season. Oh yay.  

Last year I heard that a dab of lavender essential oil helps, and it does, relieving the itch for a couple hours at which time another application is necessary. However, I recently read about an old-time remedy involving witch hazel. Being the kitchen herbalist I am, it just so happens I have a bottle of witch hazel extract on hand. So I employed it this morning.

I am thrilled to report that it works! The itching stopped immediately, really! And the welt subsided somewhat, something the lavender oil didn’t help with. I found it took a dab two times per day to keep itching at bay, but then after about 3 days there was no more need.

I call that success!!!

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